Print, Scan and Copy Services

Print and copy

No minimum page amount! Pay per print only!

A4 Printing

If your prints are too small for big companies, you came to right place. No minimum order, no minimum fee, even one page counts. Starting from €0.50 per page, printed on regular A4 paper with the finest ink in the finest Brother inkjet printer. 

A3 Printing

Need a copy of your Birth Certificate? Or do you need a copy of an architect plan? No problem, as long as it is not bigger than A3 size. No minimum quantity, even one page counts 

Scanning Services

No need to print, just to scan? We can help too, and even better, we won't charge for scanning documents printed during ONE transaction. Keep you precious documents safe and backed up ;)

Scan services

No minimum page amount! Pay per scan only!

Great Value

We don't charge €5 minimum fee if you come in need of printing your return label, so don't worry. You can e-mail your file, you can WhatsApp it or bring your USB stick. It will be deleted right away after our business is concluded.  

Still Great Value

Starting from €3 per copy, can't go wrong. Your Birth Cert is worth that, and still cheaper than €5 uncertified govt copy ;)

Scanning options

We usually scan with OCR and in high resolution, batch scans, full passport scan etc. Additional document restoration options are available too, so consider having your receipt backed up before the document becomes unreadable.

Pricelist (valid since 01/07/2022):

A4 Printing


Single sided

Double Sided

 Plain Text



 ID both sides



 Passport (per 2 pages)



 Plane ticket with advertising

 (like Ryanair etc)



Solid background screenshots
(WhatsApp, e-mail in dark theme, power point presentation etc)

€2 - €4


A3 Printing


Single sided

Double Sided

Birth Certificate



Technical Drawing/Text etc



Full Page Graphics





Single Sided

Scan and print (e.g. print document, sign it, scan and send back to customer)


Full Passport Scan to PDF


A4 Scan 


A3 Scan


Card Payment Fee

Bill for €4.99 or less:


e.g. scanned one page for €0.20 will cost €1 paying by card
e.g. printed one page for €0.50 will cost €1 paying by card
e.g. printed A3 page for €3 will cost €3.50 paying by card

Bill for €5 or more


e.g. printed 10 pages for €0.50 each, card payment will be €5


HUUBFORTECH is NOT printing any photos, but you can still get these done in our shop. Photo prints, passport photos, photo enlargements still can be done between 9:30 in  the morning and 13:30 afternoon.

Currently we do not bind or laminate documents.

Yes, we do. Timeframe and price depends from the complexity of the work and customer expectations.

What happens with my data after printing/copying or scanning is done?

Your data is deleted as soon as our business is concluded - it is deleted from existence on our end.